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Where does Berry Gen's Collagen come from?

The origin of the collagen used in the Berry Gen formula is bovine. A
high quality collagen due to its concentration and careful selection. 

Does Berry Gen contain chemicals?

No. Berry Gen is 100% natural. All of its ingredients are natural and do
not contain any chemical elements. 

How many grams/oz are there in a jar of Berry Gen?

Each jar contains 205.5 grams (7.25 Oz). Depending on the product, the
ingredients vary, the main ingredient being hydrolyzed collagen.

Does Berry Gen contain sugar?

Berry Gen does not contain sugar. It is made using only natural sweeteners.

Where is Berry Gen made?

Berry Gen is manufactured only in the United States, under high quality standards.

How should I take Berry Gen?

Each bottle of Berry Gen comes with a measuring spoon. This represents the exact daily measurement to consume. You should take one tablespoon a day. Some products describe specific times of the day for taking your daily scoop. Be sure to read the product description or send us an email.

How long does a jar of Berry Gen last for?

Each bottle of Berry Gen is formulated to have an exact duration of 30 days, as long as the recommended daily dose is taken, that is, a daily measuring spoon.

My product arrived in poor condition / I have the wrong product

Do not worry! We are here to help you. You can email us at
cs@berrygen.com. We will be happy to help you!